Oranjezicht, Cape Town, South Africa
  • LOCATION| , Oranjezicht, Cape Town, South Africa
  • PROJECT VALUE| R 700 000.00

The clients approached us to unify and refresh their ground floor apartment in Oranjezicht. The apartment has a beautiful green outlook and high ceilings, typical of its era. The space had been previously ‘renovated’ in a haphazard manner using sub standard finishes and materials.

Our biggest task in unifying this space was to create a simple floor level datum between the existing wooden strip flooring and renovated concrete screeded floor. The kitchen, being behind a structural wall felt disconnected from the living space in materiality as well as visuals.

TAG Design proposed a single floor finish throughout the living space and to drop a recessed ceiling to the underside of the structural beams, slightly jutting out into the living space to harbor a visual connection between the spaces, despite the structural wall in the way. To further this connection, we specified a birch ply timber screen that wraps around the joinery.

Every detail was designed to enhance the feeling of a connected space, down to the joinery kickplates and false panels to hide the structural columns.

The existing dining nook, which was once a balcony was a unique space that we chose to express in a dramatic wall to ceiling matt black paint with minimal lighting, framed by a custom mild steel shelving and cladding unit. This unit creates necessary storage space for keys/wallets/shoes and coats at the entranceway and serves as a divider between the light and dark dramatic space.

The kitchen was designed to function as a working kitchen when opened, but offer the opportunity to hide all its working components to aid in the flow of the open plan layout.