High Country Cottage
Wolseley, Western Cape
  • LOCATION| , Wolseley, Western Cape, South Africa
  • PROJECT VALUE| R2 600 000.00

The estate architectural guidelines limited the build to a maximum internal building footprint of 130sqm with a limited height and width – in order to enhance the feeling of space and to maximise the buildings site presence, we separated the living and sleeping wings and connected them with an atrium breezeway which created a pricate courtyard between the wings. This allowed for each function to act separately while still remaining connected.

The internal spaces are designed to maximise views out toward the Witzenburg mountain range as well as exude as much privacy from neighbouring properties. The living room wing has double heigh open truss ceilings to create a dramatic entrance and back drop upon arrival. The high ceilings will also aid in the passive cooling process of the home.

The home features an external entertainment terrace with sunken fire pit and plunge pool.