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TAG Design assisted the client with conceptual layouts, corporate identity development, and a business plan for a vegan café.

Froots is a contemporary vegan eatery inspired by Victorian themes and ideas. The restaurant aims to visually educate guests on the link between “landscape” and “food production”, and thereby

inspire healthier and more sustainable food choices. This is encapsulated in the name Froots, which is a portmanteau of the phrase “the function of roots”.

Contemporary landscape design is often very practical and utilitarian. Trees and shrubs are used to screen unsightly elements in the landscape, and plants are often chosen for ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Victorian-era gardens were very different both conceptually and in execution, especially in the case of the Kitchen Garden.

“Kitchen Garden” sounds like a description of window-box herbs, and doesn’t do justice to the complex infrastructure of such places – landscapes of stone walls, green houses, glass and tile, all engineered with precision and foresight.

A Victorian-era kitchen garden is a masterpiece of sustainable technology. It allows people to multiply food production many times over, grow subtropical food in various climates, all

without electricity, fossil fuels or modern materials.