Thermal Springs Guest House
  • LOCATION| , , Vogafjos, Iceland
  • PROJECT VALUE| Not disclosed
  • PROJECT DATE| Conceptual

The Vogafjós Farm Resort is a family-owned guest house, it is located on the east coast of Lake Mývatn in Northern Iceland and is surrounded by breath-taking Icelandic landscape. The farm has been in the family for nearly 120 years and operates as a mixed stock far. With views of lava rocks and birch trees set against the stark surroundings, it makes the perfect location to view the northern lights and visit the nearby geothermal hot springs that Iceland is famous for.

The brief is to create an exclusive guest house with 8 – 10 guest rooms, each of which would incorporate views of the natural surroundings and the Aurora Borealis. The new guest house would typically operate as part of the original resort, however in the case of high-profile and celebrity guests there should an element of privacy and exclusivity, and the new addition should be able to function as an independent complex. These should therefore be luxury rooms which take full advantage of Iceland’s remarkable scenery. The complex should include a common kitchen area, living room, and an outdoor hot tub.

Tag Design was inspired by the surrounding landscape and sort to replicate the lie of the land by creating scale appropriate forms which imitated the scattered rocky landscape. This concept combined with insight into the vernacular architecture led to the final form. Each unit was designed to incorporate views of the surrounding vegetation as well as witness the majestic aurora borealis from the comfort and warmth of a bed. Each unit was orientated and positioned to maximize privacy while benefiting from the natural lighting and inspired views. The units are located around an epicenter which accommodates the shared living areas and hot pool.

The site had challenges as it was incredibly rock laden with black volcanic rock, however, we felt this was a beautiful opportunity to incorporate a natural material found in abundance. We utilized this to create a robust and thermally efficient external wall facade.  While using the sturdy ground conditions as a firm natural base maintaining a tangible link to the earth. The site also had an abundance of spruce trees which we were inspired to use as a material creating a starck contrasting pallette between black natural stone and beautiful natural wood.