NMM Hospital
  • LOCATION| , Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa


Located in the heart of Protea Glen, Soweto. The new Hospital development, Dr Nthato Motlana Memorial Hospital will achieve practical completion in 2020/21. The 200-bed hospital building has been planned for a total Gross Building area of approximately 22 403m2 (Hospital Area) and a parking structure of a Gross Building Area of approximately 10 044m2.

In addition to the intended hospital programme, the building is set to contain a retail component in the form of a coffee shop and pharmacy, and doctor’s consultation areas. The development is proposed to be constructed in two phases, phase 1 consisting of 150 beds and the second phase, the additional 50 beds, making up the 200-bed total. The hospital is set to transform the current vacant 7.3ha site into a multidisciplinary wellness hub that focuses on healthcare, rehabilitation and the wellbeing of the users, through the integration of the building programmes, landscaping, and private vs public interfaces.
The building consists of dominant North, South and East wings that are separated to form a light, multi-volume atrium space that has a direct relationship with external green courtyards and the upper programmes of the hospital, while opening to allow maximum natural light into the building. The East wing and other roof top areas, contain green roof-scapes that allow for uninterrupted views over the site and its surrounds as well as incorporating the natural element of the site on multiple levels of the building. The buildings orientation and site circulation are influenced by the existing use of the site and the relationship to its surrounding circulation nodes and building developments.

The building is designed and will be operated in an environmental and sustainable way. Passive building design techniques and environmental considerations will meet a 4-star Green rating, creating a healthy, productive, and healing environment.