Tim Meyer |

Timothy has been actively involved in the architectural industry since 2005. Timothy obtained a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Johannesburg, completing a major in both architectural design and architectural project management. Timothy further extended his qualification at the University of Pretoria where he completed a master’s degree in architecture.

His years in the industry and experience include: High end residential developments, Social Housing and social urban developments, commercial design, industrial design, retail and interior design. Over the last half a decade he has largely been involved and interested in the medical architecture and design, from specialized internal upgrades and extensions to designing full scale hospitals.

Regardless of the project, or project scale – Timothy strives to take cognisance of the social, ecological and economic impacts they have on the design and its context and address these issues, in an inclusive and sustainable way.

His interest outside of architecture vary from furniture design, to furniture manufacturing and urban design. Timothy aspires to continuously challenge and contribute to the thinking of architecture and design, and believes architecture has the ability to stimulate economic growth and development.

Bryce Henderson |

Born and Bred in the Eastern Cape with a passion for design, Bryce’s dream was always to be an architect. Having completed his B(Arch) at NMU in Port Elizabeth he went on to complete his Masters (M.Arch) at Ramon Lull University in Barcelona. This opened his eyes to design and the way in which it can function in an ever-changing built environment. He became fascinated with how modern structures can coexist and at times, compliment period architecture. Bryce believes that design, form and function are not mutually exclusive but rather fuse together to form the shapes and styles we now embrace in the modern landscape. Having worked at an internationally acclaimed architecture firm in Cape Town, he brings a wealth of knowledge into our high-end residential architecture & interior division.

David Couto |

Driven by curiosity and a desire to learn, I have 12 years’ experience in the architectural industry. I’m experienced with many different kinds of projects, namely: modest additions and alterations, high-end residences, hospitals, educational facilities, places of worship, commercial and industrial buildings, large urban developments, competitions, master-planning, heritage buildings, academic research, architectural visualization and animation, and social housing (RDP & GAP).

Mbanguli Mathebula |

Mbanguli Mathebula is a newly qualified Professional Senior Architectural Technologist at TAG who continually strives for excellence relating to all facets of the building delivery process.
Mbanguli graduated from Tshwane University of Technology in 2016 with a B-Tech degree in Architectural Studies. Since graduating, Mbanguli has acquired experience working on a variety of projects ranging from medical, retail, residential and mixed-use developments. Mbanguli also has exposure to international projects while practicing in Cape Town as well as local Government projects while practicing in Bloemfontein.

Mbanguli is an outgoing individual who always aspires to live by a Michael John Bobak quote which states, “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

Bongumusa Jiyane |

Bongumusa Jiyane is a very determined and highly motivated Professional Architectural Technologist. make it a priority to see concepts in a unique or rather different perspective. interpersonal skills which have seen his proficiently adjust between the Architectural and Construction fields. Qualified with National Diploma level with involvement in technical documentation for commercial, industrial and residential typologies (International and local).